CMYK, A Designer's Eye for Fashion

Branding & Exhibition

CMYK is an exploration that seeks to begin to form a repository of insight to my visual approach and design sensibility through a study of seeing and thinking. It documents my investigation into further understanding how we move, read, and express formal design relationships through fashion. Through a series of visual experiments (scanning, photography, video, collage, digital editing), I have curated and dissected the imagery I have observed and consumed within my own personal collection of publications—and further—challenged myself to manipulate what I absorb from them into a new codified visual language. Utilizing a wide-ranging span of books and magazines from the mid-nineteenth century to modern day, a specific commentary is designed through the visual connections and relationships they share.  Taking its final form in a 200 page book documenting my process, CMYK showcases a photo-driven compilation of imagery, text, and form intertwined throughout several sections that further attribute specific meaning to our experiences with how we see/read in motion. This book acts not only as a unique catalogue of strategies in examining my eye for design and fashion, but also a process-driven collection of images that speak to an underlying understanding of form, color, structure, texture, and detail. It is the hardwiring of my brain in a brief number of pages. 


Shown above is the installation view of CMYK as displayed in the 2015 MICA Commencement Exhibition. A more detailed look at layouts within its pages can be viewed under [CMYK Book}.